Welcome to London Zen Shiatsu Therapy. Bringing the Balance of Nature to Your Busy Urban Life

Would you like to have a balanced life and a healthy body even if you live in the urban jungle (our great city) and feel energized all day long?

If you think that being healthy, happy and balanced while enjoying the great city life at the same time is possible, keep reading and answer these questions:

•    What do you do to improve your health and vitality?
•    What is keeping you from enjoying good health and vitality?
•    Are you looking for natural options to improve your health and vitality?

    Whether you’re in good health and just want to keep your energy flow or you have a long or short term condition, back, joint pain, chronic tiredness, headaches, migraines, insomnia…….. Shiatsu can help you release that energy which is blocked and stagnant and it’s causing symptoms.

    My goal is to inspire you to keep that balance in your body. The shiatsu techniques and meridians are in sync with the natural elements of Wood, Water, Fire, Earth and Metal.

    Understanding how and what you eat or don’t affects the balance in your energy

    What you eat has an energy, a quality which will help or worsen the problem.

    Many people have seen their lives and health dramatically improve just by understanding the life choices they make combined with regular shiatsu sessions.

    Imagine you, feeling centered and energized throughout the day, able to deal with stress and difficult situations because your body and mind’s energy is flowing.

    Just to give you a taste of what’s like we are giving a special offer if you subscribe to this blog.
    Please call for this offer or to ask any questions you may have, or leave you email and will be sent details and info to inspire you along the way.

    I’m looking forward to helping you in your journey

    Health and a Balanced Life to you
    Anna Fra

    To book a Shiatsu session please call or email annafra2001@hotmail.com or call/text 07986472880


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