Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


We are now entering a new phase when the energy goes inward and down.

The sap of the trees goes into their roots, the leaves dry up and fall, the grass looses its shine, we loose more hair, the animals get ready for hibernation. It’s time to harvest, store up food, study and prepare for the stillness of winter.

The metal element governs the Lung and Large intestine. The lung takes in Oxygen and expells carbon dioxide. The Large Intestine takes in some nutrients and water and gets rid of what’s no necessary as fecal matter. They both take in what is vital and discard what it’s waste. The metal element opens into the nose and manifests in the skin. Its emotion is sadness.
Metal is precission. It cuts, separates what’s vital from what’s poisonous. It gives clarity, draws boundaries. Metal helps us to let go of what we no longer need.

A person with a balanced metal element takes in what she needs and let go of what she no longer does.
We hold onto our principles, keep commitments. When the time comes to let go of an object or a relationship, we feel sad, go through the grieving process and resolve it.

If the metal element isn’t balanced, we experience loss with confussion, stiffle sadness or never let go completely. We can either loose our posessions too easily or hold onto them with excessive attachment. Grief that is expressed and resolved strenghthens our health. Repressed grief causes long term contraction in the lungs. Everyone with lung and colon problems has unresolved grief.

Understanding the inward nature of this emotion helps us how to work with it.

The contracting force of sadness encourages to look within identifying unresolved sorrows and by being mindful of them their contracting and inward nature changes. Sharing those feelings help dissipate them. By focusing internally we can heal areas where deep illness may otherwise develop.
Adequate breathing plus pungent foods can also help clearing grief.

The condition that most adversely affects the metal organs is dryness. We don’t have a dry weather in the UK but a person can still have a dry condition by diet, excessive activity, adverse climate or organ malfunction. A dry condition manifests as dry and itchy skin, throat and a thin built that finds difficult to put on weighth.
All moistening foods such as dairy, soya in all its derivations, seafood, seaweed, spinach, barley, millet, pinenuts, peanuts, almonds, pork, apple and pear are amongst some beneficial foods. This person needs to be careful with hot spices, alcohol and herbs.

The flavour of metal is pungent and all pungent foods are both cleansing and protective to the lungs and large intestine. Those are foods like onion, garlic, leeks and all kinds of chillis. They can help with both the physical and the emotional side.
The orange red beta carotene rich foods such as squash, pumpkin, carrots and the green ones like broccoli and dark green vegs are all protective of cancers of the lung and colon, inhibiting viruses and helping them to discharge residues from fumes and smoke.

When we get a cold we are cleansing our body. The person who rarely gets a cold is either extremely healthy or holds onto toxins. To live in a big city like London means we are exposed to some pollution and 1 or 2 colds a year are a healthy response.


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