Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Shiatsu and the elements: can you find them in London?

One of the many things I like about London is all the contrasts and layers of life and diversity. If you explore London you can find beautiful corners where nature is silently doing its work, behind the scenes.

Once I started having glimpses of the grid of life, I don’t cease to be amazed by the perfection around me. Even the ugly things you find around, they are doing its job. They have a reason to be.

Everything contributes to the balance of life. Once you start appreciating that balance around you, you will also start feeling it in your own life and your body. The same thing goes for the unbalance. You will also be aware of it.

Here are some photos of a little adventure around the busy London in search for the elements in a urban environment. It was such an energizing and relaxing experience. We found interesting spots:

London Shiatsu

London Shiatsu Therapist contact
London Shiatsu Therapist contact

Shiatsu in London

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