Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Winter is the end of all the seasons associated with the later stages of life. A quieter time to go within, to store physical energy and refine the spirit. It is the time for reflecting and meditating.

The water element governs the kidney and the bladder and they benefit from a sense of connection to one’s roots, ancestors, traditions and past.

The  kidneys store the original Ki which gets past down from our parents, rule the reproductive organs, provide warmth and energy (in western terms, the adrenal functions)

They are the foundations of the whole Yin and Yang in our body and they are called in TCM the palace of fire and water.

A person with a strong water element is active yet calm, courageous but gentle, accomplishes a great deal withouth stress and is both assertive and nurturing.

All that sums up the psychological virtues of Yin and Yang.

A person’s  weakness in the water element will be seen in the Kidney meridian and manifests in an excessive fear reaction. The emotion of fear is the one associated with the water element.

The kidneys “open to the ears” in Traditional chinese medicine, so hearing is related to the kidneys’s health.

The physical problems that come from a weak water element are:

Bone and teeth problems

Lower Back

Knee problems,

Hearing and ear infections

Hair loss and premature graying

Urinary, sexual and reproductive problems

Growth and development

Excessive fear or trauma damages the kidneys, weak kidneys also generate fear which in turn blocks loving experiences. In the element cicle, the water if excessive (fear) will put out the fire (love and joy)

The foods that nurture the Kidney yin (cooling) are: millet, barley, tofu, beans, berries, potatoes, wheatgerm, seaweeds and microalgae, black sesame seeds, watermelon, melon, sardines, crab, eggs, pork and cheese.

Food for Kidney yang (warming) are: onion family, quinoa, walnuts, chicken, lamb, trout, salmonand the following spices: cloves, ginger, fennel, cinnamon

Shiatsu can help you get into deep relaxation and reestablish that connection with your water element. It can also move stagnation from the meridians which in turn will help the organs with all of the physical and psychological functions seen here.

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