Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Petition to include Complementary therapies on NHS

You can sign it if you’d like the government to include Acupuncture, herbalism and therapeutic massage, ie Shiatsu

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Shiatsu for the elderly, disabled and social projects

If you are an OAP, have a home- bound dissability or manage or work in a social project you have come to the right place. I can come over to your house or project and offer you all the benefits of Shiatsu withouth the hassle of leaving your residence.
I do a special rate of just £35 for a 1h home visit session for OAPs, home bound and disabled persons. For Social projects such as Care homes, Day centres or Rehabilitations and Detox please contact me for a quote between £20-£30/h for a minimum of 2h

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011


Winter is the end of all the seasons associated with the later stages of life. A quieter time to go within, to store physical energy and refine the spirit. It is the time for reflecting and meditating.

The water element governs the kidney and the bladder and they benefit from a sense of connection to one’s roots, ancestors, traditions and past.

The  kidneys store the original Ki which gets past down from our parents, rule the reproductive organs, provide warmth and energy (in western terms, the adrenal functions)

They are the foundations of the whole Yin and Yang in our body and they are called in TCM the palace of fire and water.

A person with a strong water element is active yet calm, courageous but gentle, accomplishes a great deal withouth stress and is both assertive and nurturing.

All that sums up the psychological virtues of Yin and Yang.

A person’s  weakness in the water element will be seen in the Kidney meridian and manifests in an excessive fear reaction. The emotion of fear is the one associated with the water element.

The kidneys “open to the ears” in Traditional chinese medicine, so hearing is related to the kidneys’s health.

The physical problems that come from a weak water element are:

Bone and teeth problems

Lower Back

Knee problems,

Hearing and ear infections

Hair loss and premature graying

Urinary, sexual and reproductive problems

Growth and development

Excessive fear or trauma damages the kidneys, weak kidneys also generate fear which in turn blocks loving experiences. In the element cicle, the water if excessive (fear) will put out the fire (love and joy)

The foods that nurture the Kidney yin (cooling) are: millet, barley, tofu, beans, berries, potatoes, wheatgerm, seaweeds and microalgae, black sesame seeds, watermelon, melon, sardines, crab, eggs, pork and cheese.

Food for Kidney yang (warming) are: onion family, quinoa, walnuts, chicken, lamb, trout, salmonand the following spices: cloves, ginger, fennel, cinnamon

Shiatsu can help you get into deep relaxation and reestablish that connection with your water element. It can also move stagnation from the meridians which in turn will help the organs with all of the physical and psychological functions seen here.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011


We are now entering a new phase when the energy goes inward and down.

The sap of the trees goes into their roots, the leaves dry up and fall, the grass looses its shine, we loose more hair, the animals get ready for hibernation. It’s time to harvest, store up food, study and prepare for the stillness of winter.

The metal element governs the Lung and Large intestine. The lung takes in Oxygen and expells carbon dioxide. The Large Intestine takes in some nutrients and water and gets rid of what’s no necessary as fecal matter. They both take in what is vital and discard what it’s waste. The metal element opens into the nose and manifests in the skin. Its emotion is sadness.
Metal is precission. It cuts, separates what’s vital from what’s poisonous. It gives clarity, draws boundaries. Metal helps us to let go of what we no longer need.

A person with a balanced metal element takes in what she needs and let go of what she no longer does.
We hold onto our principles, keep commitments. When the time comes to let go of an object or a relationship, we feel sad, go through the grieving process and resolve it.

If the metal element isn’t balanced, we experience loss with confussion, stiffle sadness or never let go completely. We can either loose our posessions too easily or hold onto them with excessive attachment. Grief that is expressed and resolved strenghthens our health. Repressed grief causes long term contraction in the lungs. Everyone with lung and colon problems has unresolved grief.

Understanding the inward nature of this emotion helps us how to work with it.

The contracting force of sadness encourages to look within identifying unresolved sorrows and by being mindful of them their contracting and inward nature changes. Sharing those feelings help dissipate them. By focusing internally we can heal areas where deep illness may otherwise develop.
Adequate breathing plus pungent foods can also help clearing grief.

The condition that most adversely affects the metal organs is dryness. We don’t have a dry weather in the UK but a person can still have a dry condition by diet, excessive activity, adverse climate or organ malfunction. A dry condition manifests as dry and itchy skin, throat and a thin built that finds difficult to put on weighth.
All moistening foods such as dairy, soya in all its derivations, seafood, seaweed, spinach, barley, millet, pinenuts, peanuts, almonds, pork, apple and pear are amongst some beneficial foods. This person needs to be careful with hot spices, alcohol and herbs.

The flavour of metal is pungent and all pungent foods are both cleansing and protective to the lungs and large intestine. Those are foods like onion, garlic, leeks and all kinds of chillis. They can help with both the physical and the emotional side.
The orange red beta carotene rich foods such as squash, pumpkin, carrots and the green ones like broccoli and dark green vegs are all protective of cancers of the lung and colon, inhibiting viruses and helping them to discharge residues from fumes and smoke.

When we get a cold we are cleansing our body. The person who rarely gets a cold is either extremely healthy or holds onto toxins. To live in a big city like London means we are exposed to some pollution and 1 or 2 colds a year are a healthy response.

Monday, July 4th, 2011


At this time of the year the energy that started going up in the spring keeps up and has reached its maximum level.
We no longer feel the need for a spring clean, the need for change or the need to grow. But we feel the need to enjoy,socialize, have fun. Enjoyment is a key word of the fire element. That is what the quality of the season is about. Joy is the emotion of the fire element.

To have a balanced fire element means that we are able to enjoy every aspect of life. We get joy from many things and specially from our relationships. The capacity to engage with others, to have empathy, to laugh and to love are all aspects of this element.

The fire organs in Chinese Medicine are the Heart, the Small intestine, the Pericardium or Heart Protector and the Triple Heater. The Shiatsu therapist will work on these organ’s meridians to help the flow of the fire energy if it is found that they need support.

An unbalanced fire element can be manifested as deficient or excessive

Depression can be a signal that we don’t have enough fire. We don’t get joy from life, we loose the capacity to see the funny side and we can’t get enjoyment from the relationship with ourselves and with other human beings. To have a broken heart is to not to have enough joy. And it’s joy that keeps the heart pumping

Too much fire will bring overexcitement, a manic mood, constant and inappropriate laugh. The heart and the mind are one in Chinese medicine.

A balanced fire allows us to enjoy life and have a serene mind and mood. I always like the image of the candle as a symbol of a sustained, calm, warm fire in our hearts. A person with a strong fire element warms us with his presence.

The heart opens into the mouth and a person’s speech and voice gives us an idea of the fire element in her. Stammering and quavering of the voice will be an indication that the person has an imbalance. A calm, serene voice will tell us that the person has a calm heart and mind.

Another indicator is the quality of sleep.

We need the warmth of the sun. For a person with a deficient fire it’s a good therapy to be exposed to its light to increase her own.

To counteract excessive fire, we have cooling, moist foods like most fruit and vegetables. Especially the most cooling and bitter like cucumber, radish, celery and alfalfa. Other helpful foods are yogurt, soy products and seaweeds. Red meat, alcohol, strong spices and coffee are best avoided.

Sunday, March 20th, 2011

Spring and the Wood element

Just in time for the Spring Equinox I’d like to briefly bring you the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Shiatsu view on the Spring element which is Wood.

In TCM the ovewhelming force of Yin and Yang is forever at work.

Yin and Yang are intertwined in a play of harmony and disharmony and whatever their state of balance, that’s what gives us so much joy and grief in life.

The quality of the wood energy is experienced as rebirth and growth, it wants to go upwards and forwards. It is blossom, creativity and expression. This is true for nature and true for human beings as part of the natural world. Spring does always comes after winter. This is a fact we are used to but it’s also a miracle, just like conception and birth.

The succession of the seasons has always fascinated me. That wonderful precission and harmonious interplay of the cosmos that it’s also manifested in the microcosmos of our beings.

This season calls for spring cleaning our cupboards at home and our bodies and minds. Spring cleaning allows us to go upward, just like plants do in the spring. Out with the old and in with the new, detoxing our homes, bodies and minds of the useless and toxic.

The star organ of the Spring is the Liver and its friend, sidekick or Official, the Gallbladder.

The liver is like an Army general,very busy and very bossy. Its functions are a long and complex list:

Metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and proteins,defence against microbes, metabolism of alcohol, inactivation of hormones, synthesis of vit A, production of heat, secretion of bile and storage of some vitamins and minerals. The liver takes a lot in its stride.

The Liver is a Yin organ , the Gallblader is Yan.

In TCM the Liver is in charge of smoothing the flow of energy. This is manifested both physically and psychologically, as the Liver has also a spiritual side called the Hun, or ethereal soul.

The physical and emotional aspect to anything are always correlated. They are not isolated, they both belong to us. We are our bodies,our minds and souls. Whatever is going on in the body will affect our emotions and souls. Whatever happens to us spiritually will affect the other two.

If the wood or liver energy is balanced, we are able to have vision, to make plans, to create, to have a strategy, organize and have the courage to make decissions and take action. We have gall. Also our digestive system works well.

If the wood energy it’s not balanced then we become frustrated,resentful, depressed, intolerant and the digestive system doesn’t work as well. The physical and the emotional become affected. The frustration and the bloating come together.

So detoxing our liver and working on its meridian will give us more clarity, we unstuck the clutter  and become more creative and are able to take decissions. Conversely if we are able to make decissions that come from a clearer and more creative mind, that will benefit our liver.

Wether reading the Hara, the feet, the face or the palms, all of the body and each of its parts and cells contains the clues, the maps of our state of physical and mental health.

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

Shiatsu and the elements: can you find them in London?

One of the many things I like about London is all the contrasts and layers of life and diversity. If you explore London you can find beautiful corners where nature is silently doing its work, behind the scenes.

Once I started having glimpses of the grid of life, I don’t cease to be amazed by the perfection around me. Even the ugly things you find around, they are doing its job. They have a reason to be.

Everything contributes to the balance of life. Once you start appreciating that balance around you, you will also start feeling it in your own life and your body. The same thing goes for the unbalance. You will also be aware of it.

Here are some photos of a little adventure around the busy London in search for the elements in a urban environment. It was such an energizing and relaxing experience. We found interesting spots:

London Shiatsu

London Shiatsu Therapist contact
London Shiatsu Therapist contact

Shiatsu in London

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Welcome to London Zen Shiatsu Therapy. Bringing the Balance of Nature to Your Busy Urban Life

Shiatsu restaures the balance of the different elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water present in nature and ourselves.

Living ‘the city life slyle’ deprives us from that contact with nature which is essential for our welbeing. Please, please be aware that you can find these elements of nature externally even in an urban environment. We’ll show you how.

Leave your email address in the box on your right and will be sending you information and inspiration on how to live an urban life and been connected with the balance of nature.

To book a Shiatsu session please call or email us. 07986472880

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