“Best Shiatsu outside of Japan”, Douglas Earl.

“My sciatic pain is gone”,¬†Andrew Duncan

“Anna has helped me with my sleeping problems. Whenever I have a session I sleep better at night”.¬†Linda Russell

“The most relaxing thing I’ve ever done”, Brian Morrissey.

“Shiatsu massage has helped with my back and sciatic pain.For quite some time I was on 5 painkillers a day and now after a few sessions I only need one”, Alan Self.

“I like the way you approach the body spontaneously, without (as far as I can tell) a fixed routine. The time does not feel as though it is allocated to particular areas but seems to be spent in a way that suggests you are very receptive to what I need (which I myself am scarcely aware of).
You have very warm hands which is most soothing, especially for some reason on my feet.
There are times, I think usually when you are working on my back, when your rhythm “takes flight” and has a different, more energetic dynamic, breaking out of a regular or pulsating rhythm – this is very good.
I have always liked the way, usually at the start, you find a diagonal meridian between the inside top of one hip and the lowest rib of the opposite chest.
Some of your stronger movements are very effective, for example in manipulating the shoulder or in lifting the whole leg and rotating the hip at different angles. Also you sometimes massage my thighs very deeply and, as I have said, this produces a very strong sensation in me (like an extreme form of ticklishness) which I like though it borders on being hard to support.
When you use your knee to massage it has a special penetration – lately you used this on the palms of my hands.
As I say, one of the main things is that you have a capacity for following what you are discovering in the moment, and I hope that I and all your clients allow you the freedom to follow that way of working.
Finally, I want to say how deeply I appreciate the time you give me to talk after the session is over, a time which I find adds even more to my sense of relaxation”. Nicholas Benda

“I was only aware of the pain and discomfort in my body but not the trauma still locked in my body after an accident. Anna is very thorough and caring, and is very insightful to have sessions with her” Deanna Clark

“You have given me the well needed space to breathe and relax” Roland

“We receive fantastic feedback from the clients who had Shiatsu with Anna Fra at the detox”, Brian Davis, Equinoxcare manager

“I was so relaxed I thought I was in Barbados when the session ended”, David S.

“I was sceptic as to what a massage could do for me, but now I swear by Shiatsu. It’s a helpful and wonderful experience that’s getting me through a difficult time”, Liam Kennedy

“I have had many massages from different therapists. The best thing about Anna is that she applies the right amount of pressure, so that it is not too much or too little and so you feel that the tension you’ve had in your body dissappears” Abbas S.

“After the session I felt as if I’ve had a Yoga class withouth making any effort” Peter Wills

“If I feel stress on the day I’m having a session, just the knowledge of that I’m going to have a Shiatsu massage makes me already feel better ” Amy Carmel

” I used to have headaches and migraines very often, sometimes more than twice a week, but after been a regular client of Anna Fra they became much more infrequent” Simon Couzens

“I had neck pain from camping and kept putting off having therapy for a couple of weeks. Fortunately just one session was needed and my neck was back to normal after just one session” Yuki Nakazawa